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Testing and Inspection

Various conventional and advanced non-destructive examination methods are used for the inspection of pressure vessels. Visual or surface examination detects any discontinuities and defects that are at the surface. Radiographic or Ultrasonic examination can detect defects that are located within the weld or the steel. Pressure vessels are tested as per requirements of Section VIII of the ASME Code.

Reliable Sets the Procedures

  • Liquid Penetrant Test
  • Radiographic Test
  • Pickling and Passivation
  • Hydrostatic Test
  • Riboflavin test

Qualified Team of Reliable

  • Design Engineer
  • QA Incharge
  • Production Incharge
  • LPT Level II
  • RT Level II
  • UT Level II
  • Welding Inspector (ISNT)
  • Qualified Welders.

Our Document Dossier includes

  • Quality Assurance Plan
  • P & I Diagram
  • GA Drawing
  • Wiring Diagram
  • DQ, IQ, OQ, FAT protocols
  • Material heat Chart & test certificates
  • Mechanical and instrumentation components data sheet and catalogue
  • Stage wise inspection reports
    • Weld Map
    • Welder qualification documents (WPS, PQR and WPQ)
    • Weld joint setup & inspection record
    • Dish Inspection reports
    • Liquid Penetrant Test report (LPT)
    • Radiographic Test report (RT) if applicable
    • Hydro Test report
    • Surface finish test report etc.